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Are you starting to avoid your creditors?  Are you unable to pay your debts?  Are you going to sleep thinking about how you will pay your debts?  It may be time to look at a solution that gives you the space to breathe without being harassed by creditors.  

Before considering bankruptcy, individuals and small businesses should consider speaking to each of the creditors and see if you can negotiate a repayment plan with each one.  Creditors are often better off if you can negotiate a payment plan than if you go through bankruptcy.  But if you are in place (or can see it coming up on the horizon) that you cannot even afford a payment plan or that the creditors will not negotiate a reasonable payment plan, then bankruptcy may be the better option. 

Filing for bankruptcy protection may be the right answer if it will get you back on their feet and working toward complete financial freedom and independence. It can be the solution to getting rid of your debt and reclaiming your future.

For small businesses, they often must ask the question of whether it is worth continuing the business or to closing up shop.  Too often, small business owners keep throwing good money after bad.  Like a toxic relationship, once you realize that the business is weighing you down and you see no upside, it may be time to have an honest conversation with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer at DCDM Law Group to evaluate your options.

The lawyers at DCDM have handled hundreds of bankruptcy filings for individuals and small businesses in southern California.  Our expert lawyers will help you review your financial situation, assess your debts, and explore your options. If you decide, along with your attorney, that bankruptcy is the right option for you, we’ll take care of all of the paperwork and required legal filings.

In bankruptcy, all debts and assets are put into a big pot that is called the bankruptcy estate. From that pot, there are assets—up to certain thresholds—that you can protect and keep away from creditors.  If there are assets beyond the thresholds, a bankruptcy trustee may be able to get control of those assets and possibly sell them to get money for the bankruptcy estate.

We will present you options that will enable you to make the best decision for you and your family or small business. We believe in educating our clients and providing the information required to make an educated decision about their financial future. That decision is key: it’s your first step to getting back on financially secure and stable ground.

It’s time you reclaim your financial future. Call today!

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