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                                                                            Choosing Mediation to Resolve Trust or Probate Disputes 


Litigation costs are at an all-time high and the probate courts in California, especially in Los Angeles, are some of the overburdened in the country.  Courts have been increasingly using their influence to make parties in litigation try to resolve their differences through “mediation” before the case goes to trial. Mediation involves using mediator, who is a neutral third party hired by all parties to find a middle ground compromise that works for all parties. In many cases, mediation can help resolve the dispute and avoid the expensive and emotionally draining process that a trial can be.

Family disputes are often anchored in issues that arose in childhood, whether it is sibling rivalry, how one parent favored one child over another, or any one of the many facets of family drama that every family has.  

Leveraging his nearly two decades of standing up for clients, DCDM’s owner Dhiiraj K. Singhal enjoys working with families to resolve their disputes.  Clients choose Dhiiraj because he brings a family-focused perspective that puts the family and the relationships before the money.  

In his experience, the disputes over money become much easier to solve once the family addresses the emotional issues that caused the breakdown in the first place.  Dhiiraj gained first-hand experience in dealing with disputes within his own family.  That gave him an inside perspective on the emotional issues that are at play when a family tries to resolve issues that have been festering for decades.  

Depending on the complexity of the issues, Dhiiraj will work with other mediators to create a tag-team, where Dhiiraj focuses on the family issues and the other mediator focuses on providing a trial-based perspective of how a court or jury may rule on various issues. 

If you are looking for a way to resolve your dispute while saving the family relationships with one another, call 626-689-2407 or send us an email to set up an preliminary consultation with Dhiiraj. 

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