Probate Litigation

Problems with an Estate in Probate?

Whether prosecuting or defending claims against an estate, our probate litigation attorneys can meet your legal needs in Southern California

Litigation that arises during probate over an estate is often an emotional and complicated issue. When the estate of a loved one is at issue, it is often family members and friends who are going head to head. The experienced probate attorneys at DCDM Law Group are prepared to shoulder the stress of these matters so you do not have to.

As soon as you suspect there is an issue with an estate, it is critical that you speak with a probate attorney as soon as possible. The clock is ticking on claims made in probate, and our attorneys are prepared to zealously advocate for you right away. Our office has successfully represented clients on a number of probate litigation matters, both in the prosecution and defense of claims made against an estate. Call or contact us today to learn more.

DCDM Law Group has years of experience managing probate matters, which include but are not limited to the following legal issues:

  • Will contests and multiple sibling probate litigation
  • Claims of undue influence and lack of mental capacity
  • Issues of fraud and fiduciary breach in the administration of an estate, and more.

The experienced attorneys at DCDM Law Group are here to help.

When should I expect probate litigation?

Probate litigation can arise anytime someone does not receive an inheritance or bequest expected from an estate. Some common warning signs of potential litigation include sibling rivalry, a decedent with multiple marriages, quarrelsome families, complex estates, a lack of an estate plan, or the sudden appearance of a family member or caregiver who is overly involved with your loved one in the time leading up to his or her passing. Probate litigation is often stressful, emotional, and draining on the family of the decedent, but you do not have to handle this on your own. You should not have to worry about the legal issues while also grieving the passing of your loved one. Our probate attorneys are prepared to zealously advocate for your interests and protect your claims on the estate.

You should not try to handle a probate litigation matter on your own without a lawyer. Without an attorney, you risk losing everything in your claims on the estate.

You should only hire an attorney with experience handling probate litigation matters. Probate works differently than many other areas of the law, and you need a knowledgeable lawyer by your side to protect your interests.

DCDM Law Group works with our probate litigation clients to find a fee system that works for them. Depending on the complexity of the case, we can offer different options and let our clients decide which works best for their situation.

The window of time to file a probate claim in California is short. An interested party only has 120 days to contest a will and a small window to respond to claims. Talk to our office today to learn more.

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